trim is the story of a misguided personal trainer struggling to clean up his life after he´s sued by one of his clients, knocks up two women and suffers a major heart attack. It´s a raw, edgy and disturbingly funny look at what life is really like in L.A.

The film is a funny, emotional and thrilling ride from start to finish. Our fans are already saying that "it´s sure to be a cult classic." In short, we have put together the true little film that could. The great thing is, everything from our full camera package grant from Panavision to the favors we´ve pulled to get this film made in the true spirit of independent film, have led us to continuously overcoming all the odds.

Join us in being a part of the next underground artistic movement. We´re setting out to finish and release a studio quality film with worldwide cult appeal and do it 100% independently.