Legendary, Academy Award Nominee Bruce Dern (COMING HOME,
HBO´S BIG LOVE) has had an inspiring career that spans more than 50 years. Bruce´s long time close friend Jack Nicholson claimed that, "Dern is the best of the new breed of actor´s," coming into their own during the
1970´s. Embodying our mentor role in trim, Bruce truly gives the gritty, most truthful performance of a lifetime.

Bruce is currently working on Francis Ford Coppola´s upcoming film, TWIXT NOW AND SUNRISE. And is also in talks to co-star in Just in Time Film's next film wangthang.

Jonathan has acted in numerous feature films, television shows and stage plays. In trim, (his self proclaimed, final film performance), Jonathan makes no apologies for the most honest and realistic performances of his career. His impressive resume consists of critically acclaimed productions of Hamlet, Macbeth and Richard III.

Jonathan is currently teaching and working on receiving his doctorate in London, England.

Ryan´s bio is stated in the filmmaker´s section but, he gives what everyone is calling a breakthrough performance in his intense, hysterical and heartfelt portrayal of a shell-shocked Iraqi War veteran.

In his final performance, chameleon-like, character Actor Michael Pataki (ROCKY IV, EASY RIDER) was an inspiring force in trim getting made and had an immeasurable impact on our entire team.

Michael made an indelible mark on the film and voice over world in the 1960’s, ‘70’s, ‘80’s and ‘90’s, playing a multitude of memorable characters.   An incredibly powerful and eccentric talent, Michael gives the most intense and formidable performance of his career in trim.

Michael will be deeply missed, but would want to live on through his decades of unforgettable work.